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At Illuminated Art we specialize in finding forgotten religious treasures of ages past and then reinventing

them for the modern day.


100% Handcrafted in the US by local artisans, our Sculpture Candles and Candle Holders are unique visual centerpieces.

Innately classical yet stylish. Our pieces can be appreciated for both their special devotional and artistic qualities.


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Sculpture Candles and Candle Holders




1.  Unique Decor Pieces

     Decorative Sculpture


2.  Modeled from Works of

     Art throughout the Ages

     Classical, Medieval, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Modern


3.  Large and Substantial Pieces


4.  Cast from Natural Waxes or a Special Stone Plaster


5.  Artisan Made and Hand finished


7.  Well Packaged and Gift Ready upon arrival -

     Premium gift box and packaging


8.  Proudly Handcrafted in the USA